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Posted by Judson Burdon on August 16
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Asphalt sealer additives do not seem logical to many people initially. However, they offer many practical benefits during asphalt maintenance jobs. Depending on the product, you may be able to work faster, deliver better results, or a combination thereof.

What are Sealer Additives and What Do They Offer in Asphalt Sealcoating?

Which asphalt sealer additives are best will depend on the specific asphalt sealcoating jobs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Fortunately, you mix the additives in each batch of sealcoat material, so you can change it easily.

You can also use more than one additive if the two are compatible. This ability lets you mix and match which properties you need for a given asphalt maintenance job. Also, the faster dry time is not the only available benefit.

Depending on the asphalt sealer additive, you can also get a better sand suspension, more durable final products, and altered viscosity for easier spraying.

What is FASS-Dri PSA Sealer Additive? 

When you think of asphalt sealer additives, FASS-Dri PSA is what most people think of. It’s a common choice in the asphalt maintenance industry because it alters the asphalt sealcoating material to dry faster.

Adding FASS-Dri PSA Sealer Additive to the mix means faster drying even without sunlight

Typically, asphalt sealcoating requires a lot of sunlight since it dries from the top down. With the Nano-Cure™ technology in FASS-Dri PSA, the asphalt sealcoating dries from the bottom up even without sunlight.

FASS-Dri PSA is a game-changer, especially if you want to extend your company into offering nighttime work. If you use it on your asphalt maintenance jobs during the day, it can still cut your dry time in half. The increased productivity helps you grow your company.

What is FSA Sealer Additive? 

FSA is a common sealer additive choice for asphalt maintenance companies to add. It can improve your job dry time, bond, and workability. Your customers will also notice a richer color and greater durability of their property when you are done.

FSA sealer additive allows easier spray coating.

FSA does not offer significant benefits when used at night; however, it is suitable for asphalt sealcoating when it is cold outside. Additionally, FSA typically runs about a penny per square foot. It’s an investment in your asphalt maintenance company’s results.

In general, FSA also helps when you do mixes. This asphalt sealer additive enables you to manage the consistency of sand loading and dilution. That means your crew can spray easier and deliver better customer outcomes.

What is FSA Plus Sealer Additive? 

FSA Plus offers additional benefits compared to FSA, including improving your asphalt sealcoating dry times. The other primary use is as a viscosity modifier. This change makes your job easier, which makes it worth the slightly higher price.

With the FSA Plus Sealer Additive, you can get a solid sealcoating layer at faster drying times.

FSA Plus specifically helps asphalt sealcoating material gel once it is applied. It’s a solid solution for allowing your jobs to dry into amazing finished products. The gelling helps you deliver a more solid sealcoating layer that dries quickly.

This asphalt sealer additive can also help when you make slurries. It encapsulates sand completely and assists with the distribution. This added benefit means you can apply more even coats and supply a durable finished product for your asphalt maintenance clients.

What is FSA AE Sealer Additive? 

When working with asphalt emulsions, FSA AE is a good choice. FSA AE does improve dry time and bonding for the final product. It also handles many of the restrictions on asphalt sealcoating products.

FSA AE Sealer Additive is best suited for asphalt emulsions.

In recent years, environmental studies have raised concerns regarding coal tar. This shift has led areas to ban its use entirely, and more regions ban the product as time passes. FSA AE can help you deliver similar durability using asphalt emulsion.

FSA AE alters the asphalt sealcoating blend so that it has a similar bonding factor and final durability to coal tar. This change makes it a comparable alternative, and your customers will like the green aspect.

What is Targel Plus Sealer Additive? 

Targel Plus is an asphalt sealer additive designed to beat the U.S. aviation standards used for airports. Targel Plus makes asphalt sealcoating material more resistant to gas, fuel, and oil. This resistance exceeds what your regular products do.

The Targel Plus Sealer Additive improves the resistance of the asphalt sealcoating material against gas, fuel, and oil.

If you use sand, Targel Plus can also help with even dispersion throughout the mix. Targel Plus is formulated to suspend and lock those particles in place. Regardless of the sand, your clients will appreciate the darker product finish and extra rubberization.

Want more information about asphalt sealer additives? Give the friendly Action Seal team a call at (855) 554-4386 and receive expert advice tailored to your asphalt maintenance company’s situation.

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